Caviar implies the highest luxury. The same meaning follows when you use the caviar manicure beads for nail art. This newest trend is fast catching up, and you can be the first among your girlfriends to try this. Ok, maybe you are not the first, but that does not matter because you never set these amazing tiny beads on your nails. Applying these is easy, but you would need a lot of patience. The tiny beads offer a fine texture on the nails. They are available in sets of different colors, so you can do fun experiments in applying them. Use as many combinations as your heart suits. You can use two colors alternately, or you can use a different shade for each nail.

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Have patience for amazing art

You can also use three shades randomly on your nails, or as many shades as you want. If you want to be really creative, consider using two bead shades on the same nail. If you have the necessary patience, you can also design bead patterns on each individual nail by carefully using two contrasting shades. However, this would take some time. You have to be very patient, but the outcome is always worth it. Start by looking up for a suitable caviar manicure set from an online shop. Quite a few leading nail art brands are offering the beads this season, so getting a suitable one would not be an issue.

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Initial preparatory steps

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You have to follow certain initial preparatory steps. Although you know the routine already, still here is a rundown. Start by trimming and filing your nails to the desired shape. File the nail body also a little to make it somewhat rough. This ensures that the beads hold well to the surface. Use the acetone nail polish remover to clean the nail surface of any previous nail polish. Finally, use a nail primer very gently (using a cotton ball) to prepare the nails. This makes the nails less oily. However, since it dehydrates the nails, you have to be very gentle in using the primer. Once you are ready, follow the instructions to apply the beads.

Caviar manicure

Here are a few major brands offering the caviar nail beads this season.

You can get the Ostart 12 color Fashion Caviar Manicure Pedicure Nail Art Polish. Check for the best price:

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Caviar manicure

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The complete package would consist of 12 pots of beads. Each pot holds a separate color.The process of applying these is easy. Start by applying the base coat on your nails and wait till it dries. Next, choose the nail polish color that is the same with the color of the beads. Apply a single layer of the polish and wait it to dry. Now, apply the second layer of nail polish, but do not wait for it to dry. Apply the caviar beads on the nails. There would be blank spaces. Fill them up. Now, allow these to dry naturally. Finally, put on a top coat that would hold the beads in place. You do not need a UV.

You can get the WAWO Fashion Caviar Nails Art New 12 Colors Plastic Beads (find the best price on Amazon):

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The 12 pots of treasure come in nice round dishes with lids. The process of applying these as same as described above.

Another good choice is the 350buy Fashion Caviar Nail Arts New 12 Colors Plastic Beads by HEY (read more about it on

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The applying process is the same. You can also extend your nails by artificial tips. This offers you more space to show off the amazing beady texture. These would take around one hour to dry completely. Their persistence on the nails would depend on how you maintain them. You can also use a clear nail resin to attach these. If you are maintaining them well, they can persist for around 4 days.

The caviar manicure looks pretty on the nails. They offer plenty of creative opportunities on the nails also. You can experiment with different beaded designs on the nails. The texture also feels nice to touch. You would absolutely adore your fingertips. The beads are good for pedicure purposes also, but with the feet, there is no guarantee of their persistence for more than a day or two. The nails on the hands are the best places. If you have a new clutch or a new dress and want to do some promiscuous nail art, then these beads are the best.