A spa care for the nails is the ultimate of luxury.  You sit in a special spa seat, and the professionals attend specially to the nails. You feel like a queen with your fingers spread gently and comfortably while the beautician tends to them. However, consider trying it at home too.

what is a spa manicure

Besides saving you costs, the home spa can be an amazingly creative way to spend your weekend. Refreshing your nails with a luxurious spa also has a regal feeling associated with it. A girl needs to pamper herself once in a while. Find how to do a spa manicure at home. You would need only the ingredients that the professionals use. A good online store can supply to all your needs.

creative spa manicure

Setting up the spa

So, here is the complete description of what is a spa manicure. Following the steps here, you can easily do the manicure at home. The essential element of the spa treatment is to use the most exotic ingredients for the purpose. Also, you need to put in special care and apply additional caressing that you would not find usually. Start the spa care by cleaning the nails first. Use the best quality nail polish remover in a swift brushing move with a cotton ball. Make sure you clean the edges and corners of the nails. After cleaning, use a nail file to shape. Get a high-end file for special treatment. Good manicure sets have both soft and coarse grain files.

spa manicure description

Proper filing method

Never use a metal file though. Beauticians do not recommend these because of the damaging effect. Use a rubber, or a cardboard file. If you want to make it truly regal, try a glass file for the purpose.  Put in some exotic additions like an aromatic salt rub since you are conducting a spa treatment. Look for a suitable store to get these ingredients. Enquire whether they have special spa nail care packages. Also remember not to use the file when the nails are wet. Otherwise, there is always the risk of breaking the nails.

Special spa bath

Following filing, give your nails the special spa bath. Set up a beautiful glass or ceramic bowl with the solution. You can find professional cosmetic solutions. You can also make your own nail spa bath with milk and honey. Beauty clinics sometimes add a little iodine in the solution. The professional spa solutions are easy to prepare. You can dip your nails in warm or cold water according to your preferences. Also, consider looking for a hydrating mask for vitalizing the nails.

how to do a spa manicure at home

About the cuticles

The spa manicure description here essentially covers the basics of offering the most special care to the nails. Spas also use hot towel wraps to nourish the nails. Setting up the wrap is quite easy. Look up the instructions and wrap your nails warmly. You need to be a little discretionary about the cuticles though. Although regular manicure practices involve removing the cuticle, yet it is not much of a hygienic practice. The cuticles are not extra outgrowths that require peeling.

spa manicure with paraffin

They are natural barriers against the germs to enter the fingertips. Since you are applying cosmetic chemicals, retaining the cuticle is a good idea to avoid inflammation. You can always push the cuticle back easily after you soak your hands.