how to do a european manicures

European manicure essentially implies that you are not using tweezers or scissors for the care. Instead, you are just using the natural method of pushing back your cuticle with an orange stick. If the cuticle is tough, soaking them for a few minutes in warm water or milk softens them.

european manicure definition

Prefer the orange stick pusher instead of the metallic tools. The metal ones have the risk of cutting the end skin or scratching the nail surface. You must make sure of taking the best care of your nails. Consider sterilizing your manicure tools before using them. An infection can easily develop from a small cut at the side. You tend to neglect small cuts and they can grow out of proportion to soreness.

european manicure design

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Looking new designs

The world of nail arts is amazingly diverse! You can find all kinds of artistic design ideas to try on your nails. The European manicure design ideas can also serve as effective inspirations.

european manicure

This style is essentially popular because of its emphasis on filling the nail with a solid and vibrant monochrome. There is a certain classic appeal in this design diversification. This makes it distinct from the trendy American styles of applying glitters, beads, or trying different color patterns on nails.

european spa manicure

Women who prefer a classic nail appearance for the evening would generally choose the European designs over the American ones. There are other varieties of nail care too, like Indian and Japanese manicure.

Interpreting design sense

what is a european manicure

Understanding what is a European manicure is not just about filling the nails with a solid color and refraining from using manicure scissors. Essentially, you need to understand the design sense that sets it distinct from the rest of the world. Europe has a rich tradition of appreciating classical beauty. This manicure idea also derives from this appreciation. The main concept is not to overwork the nails with the glitz and sparkles of modern manicure. Instead, just use your orange stick to push the cuticle and the file/clippers to get the desired shape. After you have your wished nail shape, fill it with a solid color of your choice.

Experimenting with nail designs

The secret to creativity is to be open with experimenting fresh ideas.  Look for European manicure and pedicure suggestions.

european manicure and pedicure

You would find these to be very charming and deep. However, the basic rules of nail care apply equally to all systems of appreciation. You have to take good care of your fingertips so that the nails do not become dry or overworked. Always consider giving your nails a periodic respite from the heavy makeup you usually put on them. Sometimes, just clean your nails thoroughly and leave them alone for a few days. This is highly effective in preparing them for the next amazing nail art.

european manicure & pedicure

Let the nails be your tiny canvases of expressiveness. If you are sad, show them in the nails. If you are happy, show that too. If you are sad, but do not want others to know about it, paint a happy design nevertheless. If you are angry, the nails can be fierce mediums of creativity. A deep red nail or an animal print nail can be quite impactful. You have a universe of nail art to explore. Just also make sure to look up the nail care tips often.