In Indian mythology, there is something called the ‘nakha-darpana’. Nakha means nails and darpana means a mirror in Sanskrit. Legend states that seers, mystics, Gods and Goddesses looked in the mirrors of their nails to see the future. Well, if you have beautiful nails, you would always like to steal glances at your nails.

pictures of nail art designs for short nails

nail art photo

pictures of nail art for beginners

They make one so beautifully confident! The nail arts go a long way in beautifying the nails. Look for a site where you can find a good collection of nail arts. There are several designs to select. You have an array of colors at your disposal as nail polishes. Create stunning designs to enamor the world.

Referenced or original

This is a usual dilemma for nail artists. However, if you have your mind set, then there is no confusion.

nail art designs pictures

nail art photos

So as to say, if you are sure that you would have an original design, then you would look at the nail art photos for inspiration, but ultimately have a unique design. However, if you are looking for a design to replicate, you would find one. You can also mix and match the elements from two or more designs to create your original art.

acrylic nail art photos


nail art design pictures


The main idea is being expressive. If you can find a stunning design that perfectly expresses what you want to say, go forward. If you do not want to lend anyone else’s vision, but create your own, go for the original.

Express yours beatific

Look at the nail art photo collection to find your expression.

nail art photography

3d nail art designs pictures

nail art designs pictures short nails

Every artist has a blank canvas in the beginning. However, art is also spontaneous.

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You may have a tentative design, but when you begin the art, the design grows organically. Express the beatific in your soul. Even the wild is beautiful. So, if you want a leopard print in deep pink over a yellow base, go for it! Paint the vines with leaves and the rainbow if you want. Just experiment with random colors and create wonderful patterns. Replicate the design on other nails.

Keep stuff handy

Before you begin applying the nail polish, keep some important things handy. First, you have to choose the nail polish. You can also use gel nail polishes. Choose the colors you want to play with today. Keep the acetone and the buff stone handy. Prepare your nails for the designs by cleaning any past residues with acetone.

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Use the buffing stone in moderation. Also, do remember to push the cuticles back. Keep the LED UV light right where you are applying the polish. If it is in another room, you may get some dust sticking to your wet nails while you get the filter. Also, have alcohol for cleaning the nails after the final curing. Lint free wipes are also must items to have. In addition, you would need topcoat and basecoat polishes.

nail art designs photos

nail art photo tutorials

Look at the available nail designs photos.  Let them inspire you to express. You may find just the right design you are looking for. If the available designs do not impress you fully, go for an original art. Be patient and attentive while applying the polish.

3d nail art photo

nail art photo gallery

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acrylic nail art pictures

A pro tip to remember is to avoid touch the cuticle and the skin with the polish. Besides looking amateurish, the polish on cuticle would separate from the rest of the nail body, creating a base gap. Also, you have to choose the right nail brush type. Some brands offer round-tip brushes and others have flat tip brushes. Select according to convenience.