Нangnails, or the small broken end of the nail jutting out at the edge, seem inconspicuous and harmless. Well, they are so, unless they somehow become infected. However, this is not always the situation though. If you are taking proper preventive care from the beginning, then you can easily avoid an infection. Besides, the tiny peel of nail also prevents you from getting those lovely manicures you so want. It is simply about regular maintenance of your nails. The secret to avoid an infected hangnail is never to let it happen at the first place. Since you love your nails, you regularly deck them up with your visions. They become beautiful expressions. However, beauty has its prices.

infected hangnail

The balance of beauty

The thing is, just do not put too much stress on the nails. Take the use of nail cleansers for instance. You need to use them, but these can dehydrate the nails. So, use them in balance. Do not overdo the application so that your nail loses its natural glow. The natural feeling comes from the moisture in the nails. Dehydration is not much good for them. Use the cleanser with a single soft swipe in a cotton ball. That should do. Realizing the balance of the cosmetics is an important aspect of using them to create nail art. Also, periodically give your nails a breather. Let them stay without any cosmetic. These simple steps are the best ones for hangnail treatment.

hangnail treatment

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Avoid being too harsh

Remember not to be too harsh on your dear nails. Yes, you have your wonderful manicure set. It is very useful without any doubt. But, these are sharp (or blunt) pieces of steel. Be careful while handling the manicure tools. If you are not careful, you can get a hangnail infection.

hangnail infection

Also, always ensure to clean the manicure tools after each session. Germs can travel from there into a small cut at the edge. It may be a small cut to you, but for the microscopic germs, it is like a world to explore. As the owner of the land, of course you do not want the intrusion of germs! So, be gentle to your earth. He/she responds by a naturally healthy glow. This gives you the right nails to display your creativity proudly.

About the cuticles

Many women think the cuticle as an unnecessary part of the body, ready to remove at will. After all, it would again grow back after a few days. Right? No. Wrong. The cuticles are essential parts of your fingers and they are not like nail tips to cut. In fact, the cuticle prevents the entry of bacteria into your fingers. So, by trimming them repeatedly, you are just making yourself vulnerable to a bacterial infection. Instead of trimming, consider pushing them back gently with a special cuticle pusher. That should do the trick. Besides, while applying the nail cosmetics, leave a little area above the cuticle. That would also help. Occasionally soak your fingertips in warm milk. In fact, this softens the cuticle and makes it easy to push.


Moisturize your nails

Give your nails some loving care by moisturizing them. The warm milk moisturizer is wonderful. You can use plain lukewarm water as well. For deep care, soak the nails in honey, coconut oil, or jojoba oil. Get a good nail moisturizer. Apply it periodically. Also, sometimes do massage your nails gently. Especially, the time before applying the nail polish is best for this. Also, massage them when you are removing the polish. This increases blood flow to the nails and keep them healthy. These simple care tips can help you avoid getting a hangnail.


However, if you already have an infection, do not panic first. Take care of the infected hangnail treatment.

infected hangnail treatment

If the nail is in its primary stage of infection, applying a suitable over-the-counter antibiotic would look after the matter. However, if you have been neglecting the infection, the issue may escalate. If you had a raw cut, and you applied nail polish on it, it can definitely become a serious matter.


Maybe, you procrastinated because you thought it was not much of a cut. In any case, if the infected region is sore, visit your nearest healthcare provider at the earliest.