The beauty of darkness is inherent in every feminine. It is all about balance and channelizing. You cannot overuse or let the darkness lead you to abuse, that is all! Once just needs to balance the dark with the light, just as the universe balances the daylight with the night. It is the same balancing act aligning you with the natural flow of life.

crackle nail polish

Feel free to express your multilayered darkness in creative expressions. The nail canvas can be an amazing space for the purpose. Consider using black nail polishes sometimes when you are in the mood. If you want to go a level deep into black, try the black crackle nail polish. These are just great to express the earthiness of the dark.

black crackle nail polish

Unique creative expression

The first simile that comes in comparison to crackle is that of a parched earth land. Compare the photos of droughty land patches with the final appearance of the shatter polish. Although drought represents lifelessness and barrenness, yet you can find a deep beauty in the random shattering patterns. If you can make the barren beautiful, it is the ultimate exercise of creativity. The crackle nail polish can be the best medium to achieve this. Of course, you can find colors other than black also. Look up a suitable online store for a good collection of shatter nail polishes in different colors.  You can also find them in silver or white for those days of bright mood. The availability of options makes it easy to reach a precise decision.

how to use crackle nail polish


Basic application steps

There are certain essential aspects of applying the nail polish.  Before applying the polish, you may or may not put up a base coat. However, applying a single base layer is effective in preventing the nails from staining. Besides, the foundation also assists in long-term retention of the nail color. Following the base coat layer, proceed with applying a solid base color over it. This color would show beneath the cracks of the shatter polish, so choose accordingly. With black, the commonest base color is silver or white. Keep it non-glittery and solid to maintain the attention on the crackles color. However, if you like the glitters, then so be it!

crackle nail polish tips

There are several crackle nail polish tips to express your individuality. This article here attempts to provide a complete overview of the crackle application method.

crackle nail polish blue


Keep the empty spots

Once you are certain that the base color is completely dry, apply a single coat of the shatter nail polish. In this method, a thick layer does not make it right. You need to keep it light. You need to apply the nail polish fast also in a swift move of the brush because it dries very quickly. Point to note, do not keep the polish vial open for too long when you are applying the color. Only a few minutes of exposure can be sufficient to ruin the vial. You do not have to cover the empty spots because that is the very purpose of it. You need the cracked look on your nails and the empty spots have to be there!

crackle nail polish review

Watch the color crackle

Watching the nail polish to shatter is a great feeling. It looks like the color is coming to life in its movements. You can watch the cracks take shape right in front of your eyes. Just apply the polish and wait for a few seconds for the magic to happen. Some brands take a little longer than a few seconds do. Wait and see the fluctuations spread themselves randomly on your nails. Wait for the nails to dry fully. You can also use UV if you want fast drying. You can just keep the nails as they are for a few minutes also. That does the drying trick naturally. When dry, apply a topcoat. This would keep the polish long from chipping and peeling. Since the polish is not continuous, the color tends to come off in a few days of application. The top coat retains it for quite some time.

crackle nail polish set

Create customized designs

Ask your friends about their crackle nail polish ideas. You may get some great creative inputs on using this polish.

crackle nail polish ideas

With practice, you can actually partly determine the types of cracks. You need to interpret the way the polish cracks in relative to the method of application for that. When the color is a little deeper in one region than the other, it has a different style of cracking. The manner in which you apply the brush on the nail also determines the type of cracking. With sufficient practice, you can actually get the type of cracks you like.