It is your wedding. You want every tiny detail to be perfect. The wedding manicure does play a special part in the ceremony. When he is about to slip the wedding ring in your beautiful finger, he should pause for a moment of stunning beauty. You must have a nail art worthy of creating sensation on the wedding day.

wedding manicure design

You must feel his hands tremble slightly as he gently holds your hand to slip in the ring. For wedding nail art designs, there is a whole world out there to explore. You can try everything from the minimalistic ‘ribbon with ring design’ to an elaborate metallic pattern on the nail. You can try the lace nail art or use the latest sensation of amazing caviar beads on the nails.

wedding manicure pictures

Choosing the best design

You do not necessarily have to decorate all nails. You do not necessarily have to decorate all nails similarly. The beauty of nail art designs is that you have ten amazing canvases at your fingertips. Go creative with your designs and decorate the nails to reflect your wedding fantasies.

manicure designs for wedding

Look up the beautiful wedding manicure pictures to draw inspiration.  A treasure of nail art designs awaits your decisions. You can also select a very personal design of your own imagination.

wedding manicure designs

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Make it deeply sensuous. Make it graceful and elegant. Make it poignant. Try something conspicuous. Play with the various designs. Choose your medium. You can choose between the usual nail polish, the gel nail polish, the acrylic nail paints, or even the caviar beads. There are so many options! There is so much to do! Look up the various options to create stunning nail designs for your wedding. Virtually, with all the available options, anything is possible with the nails. This is absolutely the time to be creative in your nail art. You have a wealth of options and available resources. Start mulling the various ideas to choose the best design for your nails.

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The latest trends

You may prefer to go with the trends or select something of your liking, nevertheless the trend. However, for the stringent followers of fashion, there are some amazing trends resurfacing this season. After a couple of years of intense nail art using glitters, beads, and metallic nail patterns, this season, the nude is back. The shiny metallic nudes are returning in discussion at the fashion stops. They are plain sensuous, and look extraordinary. A host of metallic nude shades is available, so you can find the right one matching your skin tone or your wedding gown.  The natural nail nudes were conspicuous at the bridal runways in Fall 2012. The nude pink, silver, and lavender were subtle in their presence. While considering the nude nail arts, you can also consider something very traditional and similar. The classic French manicure can be just the right look on your nails for the big day.

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Most cosmetic manufactures are releasing new shades for wedding designs. Do some research on the most happening shades. You may be able to find just the right shade for your beautiful nails. Look up the wealth of wedding manicure design ideas available. You can replicate a favorite design or shape up a new idea of your own. Let the wedding be the perfect occasion for your nail art creativity. You may want something matching with the white of your gown. Maybe, you want something highly contrasting. It depends on your preferences absolutely. For the matching purposes, the gentle natural nudes can be best. 

wedding manicure photos


Some pro tips

If you want an elaborate design, go for the lace nail art. The lace on your nails looks extraordinary. For deep contrast, consider using the promiscuous nail beads. You can even choose the black beads to go with your white gown if you wish! Intersperse the black with some golden or silver beads to create a rich effect.

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However, beads of other bright colors may not be a good preference with a wedding gown. Marriages demand a certain degree of subtlety. Being too peppy or flirtatious may not be the best option. Blue is an okay color for weddings though. However, green, pink, yellow, red, etc. might not be the right options to wear on the special day.  

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So, check the wedding manicure photos. You would invariably see none of them is too loud. There is a difference between being loud and prominent. You do not necessarily have to be loud to be prominent. Select your medium for the big day. The acrylic nail arts can be good choices. About nail elongation by using an artificial tip, even that is an idea not much suitable with the subtlety of weddings. You rarely find brides extending their nails for the wedding. The best choice is to trim them to a standard shape, and create a deep memory through a beautiful nail art.