Adorning your nails with a gel nail polish creates a magical effect. It feels so good! The color is luscious, and the nails are expressive. You will take time to love your nails in narcissistic admiration.

gel manicure tutorial

The colors are deep, and you can add sparkles. There is so much scope for nail art creativity. The nail polish comes in so many color variations! Give free rein to your artistic love to create magic on nails. You have the canvases, and you literally have the brushes. Here is a basic gel nail polish tutorial using only one color. You can use two or three different shades also.

Some basic tips

Before you begin, make some basic preparation. If you have a nail UV light for curing, keep it handy. Otherwise, the wet gel may attract dust. Also, keep lint free wipes at hand. Remember to push back the cuticle. While you are applying the polish, do not touch the skin or the cuticle.

gel nail polish tutorial

Gel nail-polishes last for a long time, and a colored cuticle would grow to create a gap at the nail base. Buff and clean the nails thoroughly before application. Buffing would ensure that the gel layer clinks well with the nails. If you miss a spot while apply, do not hesitate to fill it up. Do not choose a sunny place for the artistry. This gellish nail polish tutorial recommends you do not have to apply a thick layer necessarily. Thin layers go a long way!

What would you need?

Here is a useful list on the things you need besides the gel nail polish. You would need a basecoat and a topcoat layer. The gel brush would be available with the nail polish. If you have brush choices between round and flat, enquire about it. A buffing block would be necessary to set up the nail.

gel manicure tutorial photo

However, do not overdo the buffing to damage the nails. The UV lamp is important for curing. Also, as you already know, you would need lint-free wipes. Get some alcohol (not for getting tipsy necessarily). It is also useful to clean the nail after applying the gel. If you have residues from the last nail polish, you would also need acetone to clean completely. Keep the sprinklers nearby.

The first step

The first step is to clean and prepare the nails. Use the acetone first and then use a lint free wipe soaked in nail cleanser to clean any dust. Buff the nails a little. This is also the time to think about the nail art. Look for references online, but try to be original. Creativity has no limits and you can express your love for the nails in amazing colors. Using a single color is the usual practice, but it may be a little monotonous for you. However, this is no general rule either in this gel manicure tutorial. You may love to use a single rich color. Essentially, it depends on you.

See your nails transform

Start the transformation by applying a layer of basecoat gel. Use a single swipe from the base to the tip. The flat brushes are awesome for this. After applying the basecoat, cure in UV LED light for about 30 seconds.

gel nail polish tutorial

The dreamy blue of the LED would already begin to excite you. You are just a few steps away from awesome nails. After curing the basecoat, wipe it with a soft brush for smoothness. If you are not applying the basecoat, then wipe the nails directly. Now, apply the gel nail polish. When you are being creative, try zigzag patterns or other designs. You can also use two or three colors to adorn your nails.

Be patient and delicate

If you are trying patterns, you have to repeat it on all nails. Be patient, but do not feel irritated if the patters are slightly different. Spontaneity also has a sense of perfection. Explore it! Do not apply more than two layers of color. You may actually use a single layer only. Two layers do not make the colors extra deep. Before the nails dry, apply the sprinklers if you want. If some sprinklers do not stick, avoid trying to make them so. Whatever sprinkler dust you retain would look just as good as a magical fairy dust. Now, apply the topcoat for extra shine. Finally, cure the nails for about two minutes for the colors to set.