While a lot of attention goes in decorating the fingernails, you may often neglect the pedicure part. Also, sometimes the manicure ideas are not practical for pedicure. Take the use of caviar beads as an example. You cannot just put the beads on your toenails. First, this does not go well with exhibition of your nail art.

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The main idea of the beads is to make your nails conspicuous. When you put them up on the feet, they may not be easily visible. Also, since the feet exposes to dust from the road, the design may not persist. However, this does not mean that you do not try the beads art on your toenails. Try them if you must! Also, look up pedicure design ideas online. There is a treasure of amazing resources waiting for you to try them.

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There is a very important aspect to consider though. You have to take regular care in maintaining the cleanliness of the feet. The feet get dirty and dusty every day. You cannot really help it! What you can help is to take regular care of the feet. Yes, you love your beautiful legs. You want to decorate the toenails. Why don’t you take out a little time every day to keep your feet worthy of the colors and glitters?

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Besides, you may already know that the feet consist of a host of crucial nerve endings. In fact, there is an alternative healing science called reflexology where the healer attends to different regions of the feet to take care of various health issues. You can actually look up a ‘feet reflexology chart’ to discover just how rich your feet are in nerve endings.

There are several easy ways to take care of the feet. Here are some pro tips while you mull the pedicure ideas.

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  1. Warm water does wonders to the feet. Get a bowl of lukewarm water to soak your feet. You can get reviving foot soaks. Put it into the bowl. This enlivens your feet and strengthens your nails. Allow at least ten minutes to soak the feet. If you can get some glass marbles, put them into the bowl and roll your feet over them. It is a blissful experience!
  2. Always buff the feet when it is completely dry. Use a special foot file to remove the dead skin from the heels, toe edges, and the balls of feet.
  3. Also, massage the feet briskly with a good foot scrub. This gets rid of the dead skin.
  4.  Use the cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back. While nipping the cuticles can be reasonable occasionally, stress on pushing instead of nipping. The cuticles are important for nail health. Do not get rid of them completely.
  5. Have a pedicure set handy. The set would consist of a nail clipper and a file. Use these to give a beautiful shape to your nails.
  6. If you want amazing soft soles, apply the foot lotion before you hop into bed, use a cling film and wear your socks over it. Wake up to dream-soft soles, worthy of a queen’s feet.

Look up the ideas

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You can find several cute pedicure ideas. Look them up for having amazing feet. Also consider your shoes/slippers while you are putting on the nail polish. The colors must correlate with the shoes that you usually wear. They may contrast it or match it, but always remember to avoid ideas that would not go well with your choice of shoes. For practical application of the fun pedicure ideas, always add a base coat followed by two layers of polish.


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Remember that for the feet colors to be conspicuous, you would need a high shine top coat.  The feet do require bright colors. Adding a nude nail polish to the feet simply does not make much sense.