Adorning her tiny nails with nail polish is a favorite activity of many children. Little girls idealize their mothers and sisters and nail polishing appears as the perfect way to be like you. However, since nail polishes are cosmetics, and children must not be big users of cosmetic stuff, always keep an eye on what she is using.

nail art ideas for kids

If she insists on having a nail polish, let her, but also tell her that you would not allow this every day. Explain to her that the world of adults is much different from that of children and nail polishing are by and large adult occupations.

Avoid pronounced and wild

Also, tell her that she is so beautiful in her innocence, that she does not need a nail polish to make her feel so. As the parent/guardian, you have to help her in applying the nail polish. She would watch and learn; so, tell her not to try the nail polishes by herself when you are not around. Look for fabulous design ideas especially for kids. There are many awesome nail art ideas for kids.

nail design ideas for kids

These are bright, colorful and wonderful. Avoid designs that are too pronounced and wild. The rainbow and the butterfly designs are common ideas for kids. You can also pain tiny autumn leaves on her fingertips.

Do not use much paraphernalia

With the nail design ideas for kids, prefer not to use too much of paraphernalia. Since children do not apply nail polish frequently, there is no need of acetone. Buffing may be a little touch on her delicate nails, so avoid it.

nail polish ideas for kids

cool nail designs for kids

Neither would you need the alcohol to wipe away the dirt. Just clean her nails lightly with a cleanser, and apply the polish.

nail art designs for kids

There is no need to be elaborate with the topcoat and basecoat. Let her use the UV light if you want, but see that she is not keeping her nails in the light much long. However, keeping some lint free wipes can be handy to wipe the polish after curing.

A deep bond of friendship

You can refer to the nail art photos, or you can paint an original design.

nail designs for kids

nail designs for kids easy

Also, consider applying the same design on your nails. This creates a strong bond between you and your little girl. This also lets you share dreams. She would feel happy that she now has the nail polish like a grownup. See whether she has any ideas. Use two or more colors to create beautiful nail art designs.

easy nail designs for kids

Set up a collection of great nail polish ideas for kids if you want. Show her the photos and see whether she likes any of them. Always inspire her to be original though. If she wants to apply the nail polish all by herself, there is no harm in letting her.

cute nail designs for kids

Finally, you must ensure that applying the nail polish does not become an obsession with your kid. To avoid obsession, do not let her to apply nail polish every day. Tell her that applying cosmetics every day is a practice for the grownups. Tell her that you are allowing her to apply the polish this time only on the condition that she would not ask for it again in a long time.