When you look at the trending nail polish advertisements on television, in the fashion magazine or through social media updates, all you need to do is grab the collection for you. Every fashion lover lady feels the same way about latest cosmetic and makeup range available in the market. Though, beauty experts suggest that powder and paint that enhances your beauty appeal should be chosen carefully. Whether it is about picking the eye makeup range, face makeup products or nail embellishment items.

chameleon nail effects

Stunning and appealing nail shades are presented by experts in the cosmetic industry. Whether you require something sober as per your personality or some bold glittery shade, the collection is endless. Now, this might turn on the confusion amongst the buyers.

Therefore, sometimes, you end up purchasing the colors of nail polish, which doesn’t suit your personality. You buy it because it is trending and later don’t feel good about it. Therefore, it is vital to follow the trend, but according to your personality traits and personal likes & dislikes.

chameleon nail polish

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Along with this, another important factor that turns fashion trends suiting to your personality is the way to apply/use/carry these products. For example, chameleon nail polish is the hottest trend for nail designers and ladies because of its color changing quality. It’s awesome and fun to apply such nail color on your nails, which changes color automatically and gives totally a new feel to your hands. However, this nail shade would add the glitter and shine to your hands, if only you have applied it in professional manner.

chameleon nails

Here, application of nail shade in professional way nowhere means that you need to spend a considerable amount in the salon. You can do it yourself too, while sitting at your home. A little bit of help from experts will guide you to accomplish the nail décor process step by step. Finding expert tutorials on the web has turned as simple as a blink of an eye. Thus, you can add sheer beauty and grace to your hands without any hassle.

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When you scroll through the online nail art tutorials (both video and text), you can notice few basic and easy tips shared with you. For example, to get better effects of two inherent shades of chameleon nail would be possible if you apply basecoat first. After drying the first stroke of basecoat, you can apply the lush chameleon nail color from your collection and see the magic.

chameleon colour changing nail paint

Apart from applying the nail color in right manner, what also matters the most is selection of suitable shade. Picking any color of the nail paint that doesn’t go well with the color of your hands and shape of your nails, would be a waste.

There are various tips and ideas shared by beauty experts that help you in picking the best nail shade. Just follow some smart tips and bring the best and shiny bottles of nail polish in your collection. Flaunt your impression on the others and stay updated with current fashion trends.

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