Having beautiful nails is an epitome of confidence. The nails are also canvases reflecting your moods, or the shifting of moods. There is a treasure of nail art options available. You can virtually do anything on your nails now. All the necessary resources are there. Do you want a dense color feel on your nails? You have the gel nail polish and the acrylic colors for the purpose. Do you want to try something amazingly creative on the nails? Consider using the metallic nail art, the lace nail art and the caviar beads. Do you just want a natural look? You have a wealth of nude shades available. If you want to glamorize the nude, there is the traditional French manicure.

A common aspect

However, one aspect is very common with all these options. Your nails must be in best conditions. You need to choose the best manicure set for the purpose. Besides, the manicure set would also be necessary to maintain your nail art. Just like the varieties of nail paints, glitters, beads etc., there is also a few amazing manicure and pedicure sets available. These come in neat purses, often the leather ones, making them the right accessory in your purse. The manicure set can help you set up your nails anytime you want. These sets are the answers to everything your nails require before and after decking up. Here is a rundown on the available manicure sets to decorate your nails.

Get the ALICE set: Being Alice is synonymous with the dreamy girl who gets into exciting fantasy adventures. You can read about this set on Amazon.com:

best manicure and pedicure set

Bring out the quintessential Alice within by magical nail arts. Let your imagination know no limits! To make things perfect, the brand ALICE also offers the 10 Pcs Stylish Nail Care Personal Manicure & Pedicure Set. This is easily the perfect grooming kit to carry while traveling. The 10 pieces of essential manicure accessories are available in a snug case.

The pieces are all surgical quality stainless steel. These are hand-crafted pieces, so that you get the best items. This is also a great idea to gift your girlfriend. The set consists of 3 different nail clippers, a toenail clipper, a nail file, scissors, cuticle pusher, and cuticle trimmer. To make things complete, you also get tweezers and ear cleaners with the set. The kit serves complete grooming purposes and can be an essential item in the purse of the traveling woman.

Get the CHEEKY set: Cheeky offers ‘Maniholic’, the ultimate of all manicure sets (it has very high rating on Amazon.com):

best manicure set

This is also a 10 piece set consisting of everything you need for grooming your beautiful nails. The set consists of nail scissors, nail clippers, cuticle pusher, cuticle nipper, nail cleaner, nail file, toe nail clippers, cuticle trimmers, and tweezers. With so many options to tend to your cuticle, the set offers the best care you would need.  So, if you are looking for the manicure set with best cuticle nipper, this can be your ideal option. The material used is high grade stainless steel, and so they are very easy to maintain. The set is perfect for regular home use, or for traveling.

(A pro tip: While you are dealing with your cuticles, consider pushing them back rather than nipping them. The cuticles are important parts of your nail health, and nipping them may not be a good news for the nails. Besides, you can adequately push them back and have the rest of the nail ready for artistry. If they are dry, just dip them in warm water or mil for fifteen minutes or so. Besides nourishing your nails, this softens your cuticle enough to push them. Also, while applying the nail paint just be careful in avoiding putting any on the cuticle. However, cuticles grow back; so, do not despair or hesitate to nip them once a while. Just do not overdo the nipping with obsession. These are not nail ends requiring periodic trimmings. With frequent nipping, you may actually damage your nail health. )

Pocket Nail Cuticle Nipper Pack: This is just a set of three items that you would need to take care of the cuticles. read what other customers think about this item on Amazon :

manicure set with best cuticle nipper

The cuticle nipper is available with two nail files. The nipper exhibits a smooth cutting action and it is perfect to nip the cuticle from the base to the tip.

These are the three main manicure and pedicure set options to include in your grooming accessories. Having a neat manicure set in your essentials gives you the confidence of being at your best confidence. However, also take care to nourish your nails. In this context, remember not to use the nail primer frequently. The primers dehydrate the nails and remove the oils. While this may be essential for the acrylic paint and the gel nail polish to set in, having dry nails is not a sign of good health.