Everything classic has a certain implication of the highest standards. It is also no exception with the classic manicure. In addition, the classic always refers to certain simplicity of the obvious. Since the core thought must be perfect and pure, the classic also refers to the sense of a fundamental approach. In this method of caring the nails, the impetus is on providing natural nourishment to your fingertips. Of course, you have your collection of nail polishes and other nail care stuff. However, consider keeping most of them for the glamorous exuberance. The classic is not glamorous always necessarily.

classic manicure review

Allowing breathing space

The nails undergo much stress from the cosmetics. There are several kinds of nail care products. Using this array of products is definitely a wonderful way to caress your nails. But, you must also consider offering natural refreshment to the nails once in a while. In the classic way to care, you start by peeling all traces of old colors from the nails. Use a good nail polish remover in a measured swipe on a cotton ball. You do not have to soak the nails in acetone to remove the old polish. Swiping with a cotton ball is much more effective than soaking. Make sure that the corners of the canvas are also free of the last colors. It is rarely you can find such canvases that you can wipe clean and paint another picture. However, before you go ahead with painting the nails, give them the classic queen treatment. Your nails deserve it!

Interpreting the classic

Interpreting what is classic manicure is important before applying the method.

what is a classic manicure

Essentially, this nail care technique implies being simple in caress. It is not elaborate but only the fundamental care for the nails. After you remove the old nail polish and other accessories like beads & stuff, get you nail file. Get a good file from the marketplace. Obviously, by now you know that steel files are passé. You need to find a good quality rubber or cardboard file. You can also get a glass file for the purpose. They are quite amazing, and you can find several good options. However, never file your nails when wet. There are the fine-grained files and the coarse-grained ones. Choose the right option according to convenience and personal preference.

Different classic styles

Now, you need to have a special nourishing solution ready for the nails to soak. There are different classic manicure styles when it comes to prepare the nail bath.

classic manicure styles

Using sea salt and iodine combination is a common recipe. You can also find special lotions from a suitable store. These lotions consist of mineral supplements, lanolin, ceramides, and vitamin oils. Many women also prefer to use a milk bath for the purpose. Before you soak them in the solution, file the nails to the desired shape though. You can try the oval filing whether you have slender nails or short ones. The square nails are best with the slender type. The short nails look best in the tapered filing. The classic (and the only) way to file is to swipe the appliance from the edge to the center without giving much stress. You need to be delicate while shaping your nails.

classic manicure

Retaining the cuticle

Finally, the classic manicure description completes with pushing or removing the cuticle.

classic manicure description

Prefer pushing them though because the cuticles prevent the fingertips from infection. Peeling them up may not be a very healthy idea! Take forward the nail care with applying the minimum necessary cosmetics. You do not have to be extravagant because the basic idea here is to offer natural refreshment. This manicure procedure is imperative to maintain the long-term good health of the nails.