First, here is a fun trivia. In the nail salons of Paris, the French manicure is popular as an American cosmetic practice. Women in France even call it the ‘la French’! However, you do not have to visit a Parisian salon for the French manicure. You can even do it at home with all the wonderful resources available. The French manicure is distinctly beautiful in the fact that it emphasizes and beautifies the natural appearance of the mails. You do not paint wonderful patterns or other designs on your nails. Instead, you just make the nail body pink with a shine and give the top end of the nail a white coat. Is not it the usual appearance of the nails? Yes, it is, but the spirit of Paris makes even the mundane most magical.

Expressing natural beauty

Since the French manicure emulates the natural appearance of the nails, they are just too cute. Apparently, they create an illusion on the onlooker who is perplexed whether you applied nail cosmetics or not.

french manicure designs

french nail designs pictures

A perfect French manicure would not be overt, but subtle. You can look up the French manicure designs to have an idea on the ideal look of the many. The deep idea is to express your natural beauty through cosmetics. However, many women also prefer to add their personal touch of original creativity on the traditional design. You can also look up some of these designs if you want.

The preparation stage

Start by preparing your nails for adoration. The first step would be to push back the cuticle with an orange stick or a cuticle pusher. Some pushers also allow you to clean any dirt that might accumulate beneath the nails.

cute french manicure designs

Use the nail cutter carefully to trim all the nails to the perfect size. All cute French manicure designs focus on keeping long nails. Set the nail length you prefer. Trim any side-nail or loose skin at the side. Before using the orange stick, consider dipping your nails for some time in warm water, olive oil or milk.

french manicure designs pictures

This softens the cuticle and cleans the nails. Then it becomes easy to push the cuticles.

Get, set, ready

Proceed with setting up your dressing table for the French art. You would need a few things besides the nail polishes in two colors (pink/nude and white). You would also need the basecoat and the topcoat.

french manicure nail art designs

Have the UV light ready for curing. Also, you would need the buffing stone, the nail file and the lint free wipes. You may also use the cotton balls. Keep an alcohol solution handy for the final cleaning.

Some basic points

Also, use a buffing stone to set up the nails a bit. Buffing allows the colors to hold on longer. Use the acetone to clean any residue from the last nail polish. Lint free wipes are better than the usual cotton ones because these do not leave threads on the nail. When the nails are free of dust, apply the base coat. You can choose a light pink gel nail polish for the purpose. Choose nude colors for the best sexy effects. Look up the various images of French manicure nail art designs.  You would get an idea on which color would look best.

nail designs with a french manicure

Finally, start applying the cosmetics. Begin with the cleansing, and then put on the basecoat. Cure the nails for around 30 seconds before you apply the first coat of pink. The usual practice in nail designs with a French manicure is to apply a second coat of nail polish. Put the polish thoroughly, and even on the nail tip. When the nail polish dries, use the white color to paint the tip. Complete your nail art with a topcoat. Use the alcohol to wipe the nails after the final curing.