Taking care of your beautiful nails is very important. They are amazing little windows to your soul when you decorate them with your vision. There is so much to try on the nails. Besides the usual nail polish, there are the gel ones and the acrylic ones. Then there are the glitters. The caviar nail beads also have their own share of trendy popularity. Many other kinds of nail design cosmetics and accessories available. Consider the diverse spectrum of colors in nail polishes. You virtually have an unlimited source of creative nail designs to try. However, this puts stress on the nails. They deserve a little pampering care sometimes. You can consider taking a hot oil manicure. You can get to a spa for the professionals to attend to your nails. You can also make your own manicure ointment at home.

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Here, you can get all the information you need on how to do hot oil manicure.

how to do a hot oil manicure

It is a very simple process. In fact, consider this manicure every time when you are cleaning your nail polish. Remove all traces of nail polish from the nail with a gentle swipe of acetone. Do not soak your nails in acetone at any case. It is a harsh chemical and can damage the nail tissues.

hot oil manicure

Always use the cotton ball to apply the nail polish removers and cleansers. You need to be extra careful about the cleansers. These cosmetics dehydrate the nails. Use them in very gentle moderation to avoid the harmful effects.

Prioritize on natural cleansing

The hot oil manicure at home is a wonderful natural cleansing solution.

hot oil manicure at home

Although, there are several good cosmetic products, but still they are chemicals from laboratories. Your nails deserve pure natural care periodically. There are different kinds of easy natural care treatments. Besides dipping your nails in warm coconut oil/jojoba oil, you can also moisturize them in warm milk. Some beauticians also suggest applying a honey coat on the nails. This also makes immense sense if you like nail honey treats. Look up the various resources for different natural nail care tips.

You can watch this hot oil manicure video tutorial:

Soften the aggressiveness 

Are you an aggressive manicurist? If you like filing your nails every two days, consider giving them a little break from the extensive care periodically. Soften your aggressiveness on the nails. They are perfect already. If you are always looking for perfection, can you identify when the precise moment arrives? Take your time to recognize the solution without blindly hurrying on finding it. Use the manicure tools with care. Consider sterilizing them in boiling water before and after you use them. These can be potential mediums of catching a sore infection through a simple hangnail.

beautiful hot oil manicure

Enlivens the nails

  • Hopefully, by now you already know what a hot oil manicure is. It is a simple but highly effective nail care solution.
  • Periodically soaking your nails in an ointment of warm oil enlivens them. The warmth increases the blood flow to the nails and the oil solution deeply moisturizes them.
  • There is no point in not doing this manicure once in a while at your home. If you are a busy professional with not a minute to spare, the weekends can be great for this. Of course, it is not mandatory to do it frequently. Just consider pampering your nails naturally sometimes.

what is a hot oil manicure

During winters, nails become dry a lot. The oil manicure can be just the right solution to maintain nail health. Also, the oil softens the cuticle. If you are planning on an awesome nail art, you need to push back the cuticles. The soaking makes it easy. Do not clip the cuticles please. They are not unnecessary parts of your body. They serve the very important purpose of serving as a natural shield of your fingertips against bacterial infections. Finally, consider massaging your nails when you wash your hands. This also increases the blood flow and keeps them healthy.