Nail art is awesome! These tiny canvases at the fingertips can be wonderfully expressive mediums for your creativity.

cool nail designs at home

You have an array of nail polish colors and other nail cosmetic products to create amazing art. There is in fact no end to the number of variations on the nails. If you want, you can paint a new nail design every week and never bore yourself. If you are wondering on how to make cool nail designs at home, you have abundant resources to manicure like a pro.

easy nail designs to do at home

Do your research to find out the design that expresses your moods perfectly. You can use a single color polish, or you can use multiple colors for amazing nail art.

French manicure for short nails

You can also consider special designs like the French manicure. This nail art emphasizes only the natural hue of the nail, creating a beautiful feeling of natural beauty. Besides, apt to its name, the French art exudes a sense of feminine wildness subtly. You use the pink/nude shade to paint the nail body and then apply a thin white line at the top. However, this may not look as good on women with long nails. This is because of the fact that the natural way to keep the nails is to trim them.

cool nail designs easy to do at home

Also, French manicure looks best when the white outline at the top is short. If the nail extension it is of about the same size as the nail body, then it does not look as good. This is the reason why this particular design is among the best cool nail designs for short nails to do at home.

So many variations

However, it is not the exclusive design for short nails. You can find many other amazing nail art ideas to express. You can also think out an original design on your nails. Of course, the available designs can act as references to select the right one. There are so many variations to pursue!

simple nail designs at home

Let your current mood decide the design for itself. Nowadays, you can also have salon standard manicure right at home! Get your nail design kit ready and have all the necessary things handy.

cool nail designs for short nails to do at home

easy nail designs for beginners at home


Get your stuff ready

  1. Get a small bowl of olive oil, warm water or whole milk first. Dip your nails in the bowl for some time before you begin applying anything on them. The dipping would make the cuticle soft to push back. Use an orange stick or a cuticle pusher for the purpose. It is important so that you do not paint the cuticle also. Cuticles grow, and when it does, it can create a color gap at the nail base. Next, have the buffing stone and the nail file at hand. You would need all these for creating the cool nail designs at home.
  2. Keep a clipper ready too. The cosmetics you would primarily need are the basecoat, the nail polishes, and the topcoat. You can also get a nail strengthening solution. However, stay away from products that dehydrate your nails so that the nail polish holds on well. More to this, you would need the acetone and the alcohol solution for wiping the nails. Speaking of wiping, the best practice is to have lint free wipes instead of cotton swabs. You can also use a nail strengthener like the pros use. You may also want to add sprinklers on the polish. See whether the UV light is all set. Keep it handy too because if it is another room, you may have dust sticking to your wet nails when you get there.

Express yourself freely

Look up the various ideas for the cool nail designs to do at home. Your ultimate objective is to impress yourself and not anyone else. So, focus on your current mood. Give free reins to your creativity. Do not hesitate to experiment with colors. If you want the ultimate glossy experience, use the gel nail polishes. These are long lasting and the best glossy polishes available. Also, with gel polishes, you do not have to apply a double coat. A single coat works just fine!

cool nail designs to do at home

nail polish designs at home

If you do not have the patience and time for a detailed design like the rainbow, find out easy designs that do not take much time, but look great. You can find several nail designs easy to do at home. Take your pick from the ready designs. Especially, when you are in a hurry to leave for work or for a party, the easy designs are ideal.

how to make cool nail designs at home

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However, if you have the necessary time, take it to create stunning nail art. Follow the usual process of setting up the nails with buffing, filing, and cleaning. Follow this with the colorless basecoat. Now, paint the design you want after curing the basecoat in UV. When done, cure and apply the topcoat. Finally, use a lint free wipe dipped in alcohol as the finishing-touch.