You love your nails. You love to decorate them with colors, glitters, and other nail accessories. Although the nail polish is the usual medium for nail art, many women also use acrylic to create amazing nail art.

acrylic nail design pictures

Really, there are no limits of being creative with the nails! You have the blank canvas and the colors at hand. You just have to follow some basic techniques to ensure that the paint retains on your nails. Give your colorful imagination a free rein with the acrylic kit.

If your color of the now is black, then so be it! Maybe, you should consider including the round silvery moon on the black of your nails. Perhaps, you would like to paint the different stages of the moon on each of your nails. Consider adding some glimmer of the stars also. This is but only one idea. You literally have the world on your fingertips. Consider exploring the acrylic nail design pictures to draw inspiration for your art.  

acrylic nail designs pictures

Things you would need

You would need a few things besides your imagination and aesthetic sense. Consider looking up a suitable online store for these. See whether the store sells these in a kit or separately. Most stores provide both options. Consider your preferences and select accordingly. 

acrylic nail art design pictures


  • Nail tips and nail glue: These tips offer you a wide canvas for painting your heart in that little canvas. These are specially for holding acrylic paints. You would also need the glue to attach these firmly to your nails.
  • Special nail clippers and files: To clip the nail tips, you would need special acrylic nail clippers. Special nail files are also available. Find a suitable online shop for the purpose. Preferably, choose one where you can get a lot of acrylic nail design photos. 

acrylic nail designs photos


  • Acrylic liquid and powder: Next, you would need these two ingredients to mix together and create the acrylic paint.
  • The bowl and the brush: If you are buying an acrylic kit, it would consist of an acrylic bowl and a brush. See whether the brush has a fine tip. 

Get the nails ready

Before you set out to apply the acrylic on your nails, there are certain essential preparatory steps. These ensure that the colors hold out well and your nail art stays for long. Start by removing any trace of the old nail polish from the nails. Your acetone nail polish remover should do the trick.

acrylic nail designs pics

If your nails have old acrylic or gel nail polish, soak your fingertips for a few moments in pure acetone to clean them. Next, trim your natural nails to a short length. Keep a little length because that would help the artificial nail tip to stick with the nail body. Also, file the natural nails evenly. File the nail surface also to make it somewhat rough. 

pictures of acrylic nail designs

Gently push back your cuticles using an orange stick or a special cuticle pusher. If you soak the nails for about fifteen minutes in lukewarm water, the cuticles easily shift back. Finally, use the nail primer to remove the oils from the nails. This is very important because if there is oil, the acrylic would not persist. Use a cotton ball to rub the nail surface gently with the primer.  Do not overdo the application of primer. A gentle swipe would do. All the while, keep mulling the pictures of acrylic nail art designs. Think about a unique art design idea that reflects your mood.

pictures of acrylic nail art designs

Apply the acrylic

By now, the pictures of the acrylic nail designs have been giving you ideas. Decide on a beautiful one or use your imagination. Apply the acrylic carefully on the nails. Use the brush gently, just kissing the surface of your nails. Let the acrylic dry. You can also use nail polish along with acrylic. You have amazing nails ready to reflect your confidence.