Consider certain circumstances to comprehend the importance of buying a handy manicure set for men. You can ask the guitarist. You can ask someone who types. The guitarist needs his left hand nails trimmed down; otherwise, there is no playing guitar. The one at the keyboard finds it difficult to type if a nail is a little deep-cut. A man’s life is a string of everyday battles. There is this war everywhere, in relationships and in the career. To be battle ready, you need to take good care of your faculties. Well, the nails are your faculties obviously! Having a handy manicure set is very important. Most men find nail growth as something that requires immediate trimming. Otherwise, there is a pertinent bad taste of overgrown nails in the conscience.

manicure set for men

A neat hero

Since keeping the conscience clear marks the signs of a hero, one must look at the minute details of life. The nails represent such tiny details. They are a part of you, but they need periodic attention. The overgrown nails are nuisances to the fingertips. They pick up soil and dirt, giving an unclean feeling every time you look at them. The manicure set comes to great use in such circumstances. Just a few quick minutes and you are battle ready with clean hands. There are several products available, and many of them are quite good. You need to look at certain essential aspects though.

Buying the 10 piece set

Check the contents of the set first. Men usually do not need much stuff for taking care of the nails. A pair of clippers, a pair of scissors, and a nail file is often sufficient. However, the manufacturers often include a few other stuffs like cuticle pushers and hangnails removers, which are quite useful also. If you do not want to use them, just keep them in the kit! Consider checking the ALICE 10 pieces Stylish Nail Care Personal Manicure and Pedicure Set. This one is a good kit with some nifty stainless steel pieces. The hand-crafted surgical quality stainless steel can give a man the high of handling blades. The strong men can handle steel well, like the warriors of old had their swords.

best manicure set for men

manicure sets for men

alice manicure sets for men

One of the very strong man-signatures of the set is the availability of ear cleaners. You rarely find this item in women’s manicure sets. For men, it is extremely useful to have a good ear cleaner. Many men neglect cleaning their ears, which can be an embarrassing situation when someone you love informs you of the wax in your ear. It is perhaps the most unromantic turn-offs in moments when the intimacy is just beginning to build up. She comes close to the ears, and she does not like what she sees there. Such circumstances are precisely reasons why a good manicure kit for men is necessary. The set also has a toenail clipper. Toenails of men can be quite nasty and unkempt. The clipper looks into that.

Buying the 8 piece set

There are several other manicure sets for men. ALICE has both options, the 10 and 8. You can also buy the ALICE 8 Pieces Manicure Set.

manicure kit for men

In this set, the manufacturers dropped the cuticle trimmers, correctly understanding the mentality of most men.

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quality manicure set for men

Although there are many macho ones who like to trim their cuticles even, yet a majority of men find no logic in trimming cuticles. Only a cuticle pusher should be sufficient. Still, a majority of men do not use it. If you do not, well, you do not have to use all options every time! The cuticle stuff could stay in the kit! The inclined nail clippers and the folding nail file are quite effective. You also get a pair of vibrissae scissors with the set. So, get rid of those irksome hairs peering out of your nose!

The essentials of grooming

The nails, the ears, the nose (and the teeth) are four essential grooming regions. You obviously cannot expect teeth care things in a manicure set! The rest of the items are there. Get rid of those stiff nose hairs. An interesting trivia here is to note that science considers the nasal hairs as not ‘hairs’ technically. Essentially these are stacks of cells to form cilia, which function by moving the mucus at the front or back of the nose. Similar cilia functions are ubiquitous in the inner lining of intestines, where they direct the movement of food. Nevertheless, the nasal hairs are appearance nuisances. You need to get rid of the ones peering out.

There is another reviewed product from Nautica. The Nautica Men’s Six Piece Manicure Set comes in a wooden box.

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travel manicure set for men

This makes it the perfect kit to carry around for men. Using a flimsy leather pouch may not be your thing. The wooden box would be great. Besides, the set packs in only the essentials. There are no cuticle things here, sir. This one is China-manufactured. Check these various products to select the best manicure set for men.