Whether you are going for a party or business appointment, manicured hands is a must. Women entrepreneurs, homemakers, working women and college girls, each one of them understands value of beautiful hands. Needless to mention that gorgeously shaped and polished nails add more charm to the delicate fingers. There are different ways to get manicure. You can walk into the nails spa, schedule an appointment with a brilliant nail artist or walk into the salon to get the best treatment.

what is a shellac manicure

There are various types of nail spas, manicures and nail art options available for you to choose. But, if you are thinking of latest trend than what can beat shellac nails. Now before you think of skipping all the expensive options and having shellac nails at home, there are certain things you need to know.

shellac manicure

Shellac nails done by professionals are the best. It is an art to decorate the nails and without perfectionists you cannot expect to see the best artwork done on your nails. Some people would want to know what a shellac manicure is, before they prefer to adopt it for their nails. Well, Shellac is basically a brand name of wonderful and creative nail polished designed, created and patented by Creative Nail Designs.

shellac nails at home

This nail polish is made of half nail colour and half gel. This explains uniqueness of this product and its impressive impact on your personality. Though, the nail product named Shellac is quite similar to other nail polishes, its thin and easy to be applied but still it requires a different application process for long lasting performance.

shellac manicure at home

To get the incredible gel nail shine and durable nail paint, shellac could be a best option. Once you coat it on your nails carefully and smartly, you can have gorgeous looking shiny nails for two weeks at least. It also doesn’t happen to damage the nails in any manner.

shellac nails

Though, some people have very vulnerable nails. For them, sticking to parental vitamins for nail strength would be a better option prior that adopting any specific nail art or design. Unfortunately, if you have damaged nail beds, peeling nails or split nails, you would probably not be able to get this hybrid nail beautification done for your hands.

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Nothing can beat the knowledge and expertise that nail art perfectionists have. Therefore, mostly style oriented women would preferably schedule an appointment to get gorgeous shellac nails rather than trying the same at home.

what is shellac manicure

CND Shellac Nail Polish, Wildfire, 0.25 fl. oz.
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Shellac nail polish is dried by ultraviolet (UV) light, which makes the process of curing it quicker as compare to traditional nail polish. Experts will cure your nails with UV light and you can have dried nails as soon as your manicure is done. Thus, there is no need to sit for hours and wait for the nail paint to dry, unlike the traditional ways nail art.

shellac nail polish

Shellac nail shades add an elegant look to your nails, which appears similar plastic coating. This makes it stronger and perfect for making your nails look strong. But, at the same time, it is important to use right method to remove this nail polish.

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The good thing about shellac nails is that you need not to undergo strong drills, which might cause permanent damage to your nails. No one would want to lose their gorgeous nails due to some stupid ignorance. Therefore, mostly ladies prefer to schedule an appointment with experts and get the most wonderful nail treatment done without leaving any room for blunders.

shellac manicure vs acrylic

However, if you think that you have an excellent grip over latest nail designing trends and can handle the gel nail application alone, then you can choose to do shellac manicure at home. You would require help from credible internet sources, where updated nail care and nail design tutorials are uploaded by experts. Once you know all the FAQs about using shellac at home, you can probably find a secret to get elegant nails that would win you praises everywhere.

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Though, you can get shellac removed at home with the usage of 100 % acetone. But, experts suggest getting it done from the experts at the salons. They will prevent any chances of damage and you will head home with a delightful smile.