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Jayne Klock

easy nail designs to do at home

Get Smarty Creative with Cool Nail Designs to do at Home

Nail art is awesome! These tiny canvases at the fingertips can be wonderfully expressive mediums for your creativity. You have an ...
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cute french manicure designs

Go Creative with French Manicure Nail Art Designs

First, here is a fun trivia. In the nail salons of Paris, the French manicure is popular as an American cosmetic practice. Women in France even c...
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nail polish ideas for kids

Look for Beautiful and Colorful Nail Art Ideas for Kids

Adorning her tiny nails with nail polish is a favorite activity of many children. Little girls idealize their mothers and sisters and nail polish...
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nail designs photos

The Nail Art Photos are Amazing Resources to Create Wonder

In Indian mythology, there is something called the ‘nakha-darpana’. Nakha means nails and darpana means a mirror in Sanskrit. Legend states that ...
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gel manicure tutorial photo

Look up the Gel Nail Polish Tutorial to Create Magic

Adorning your nails with a gel nail polish creates a magical effect. It feels so good! The color is luscious, and the nails are expressive. You w...
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