Your hands define your personality. Usage of hand gestures is very common when you speak to someone. To create an excellent communication impression, you need to make sure that your hands are neat, clean and beautified. After all, body language has a considerable role to play when it comes to carry a pleasing personality and attitude. Thus, you cannot ignore cleaning your hands, painting your nails with gorgeous colour that creates striking impact on the viewers. Nothing can beat velvet nail polish when it comes to make your nails shine like a pearl.

velvet nail polish

There are gorgeous shades and styles available in the latest series of velvet range of nail colours. Be it bright and sparkling shades or sober and matt shades, the collection is endless. Black and grey are amongst the most commonly used nail colours.

Reason behind this is ability of black and grey shades to match perfect with almost every colour of outfit. It creates magical synchronization of hands with the outfit you carry. This reduces your trouble of getting manicure done frequently. These nail paints have quality fluid, which ensures lush strokes of paint on your gorgeous nails.

velvet manicure

However, if you are fascinated about bright and colourful shades, then also there are several interesting choices ready for you. These velvet nail colours are available in neon and bright colours as well. You can give your hands a sparky or party look with just a few brush strokes. In fact, you can choose some offbeat and chunky colours as per the weather appeal. For example, yellow and green are the shades, which fit perfect in spring season, whereas mild shades fit perfect for the season of fall.

velvet nail polish diy

To add some creative touch to your nails, you can prefer to buy a complete nail art kit. It lets you decorate your nails in countless creative ways. The instant glue, sparkling nail decorative such as polish, beads and topcoat polish let you create magic with your hands. When you open the window of creativity in your brain, wonderful things would happen to your beloved nails.

velvet manicure sets

Nail art is a fun loaded activity and at the same time, it adds to your beauty and personality appeal. Though, the nail art kit you purchase has various products in it. Experts suggest understanding usage of each product before using the same. Following major products come along with the nail art box you purchase:

  • Base coat (generally while nail polish)
  • Velvet nail shade (Dark colour)
  • Velvet nail shade (light & bright shade)
  • Glitter or beads to decorate the nails
  • Prompt glue
  • Transparent nail paint

velvet nails

It requires using each one of these products carefully and smartly to create salon like nails at home. If you go to a nail art professional for the same, the cost might be too high for your pocket. But, following few simple steps carefully will help you to have smartly designed nails without any expert’s assistance.

how to use velvet nail polish

The process includes cleaning your nails carefully and applying primary coat, which is also known as base coat. After that, you can apply the velvet shade (dark one) in designer manner, leaving room for the second shade. Mostly, few people apply the dark coat completely and then create design with light shade. You can choose any of the options as per your comfort and suitability. Wait until the nail shade dries.

velvet manicure kit

Once the shade is dried quite well, it’s the time to apply instant glue so that you can stick the decorative trinkets on your nails. Don’t rush while putting these beads or glitters on your nails. Use the smartly and neatly. It would give lush and graceful look to your hands. Don’t add too much of glitter or beads, just keep it sober enough so that it adorns your velvety nails rather than completely covering them.

ciaté velvet manicure

velvet nails manicure kit

Usage of transparent nail shade is important to add shiny factor to your nails. Also, it adds an elegant outline to your designer nails and makes them look comparatively more attractive. Doing this velvet manicure at home can rejuvenate not only your nails but your hands and turn them more attractive. The process is really simple and enjoyable. You just need to follow the steps adequately and see the positive results.